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«Ukrainian Biographistics = Biographistica Ukrainica»: Collection of scientific works of the Institute of Biographical Research

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The V. I. Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine

Subject areas

  • Presentation of problems in biographical science as a special historical discipline, biographical study, biobibliography, formation of biographic information resources
  • Research of role and place of biographic knowledge in life of modern Ukrainian society and libraries as integrators and distributors of biographic information

Mission and purpose

The mission of the continuing scientific collection «Ukrainian Biographistics=Biographistica Ukrainica» is to provide information support for the development of research on the theory and methodology of biography as a sphere of scientific and literary creativity and biography as a special historical discipline. The purpose of the collection is to form the sphere of scientific communication of specialists - researchers of the historical experience and the urgent stage of development of biographical research, to publish the results of the latest developments in the sphere of the source base, the preparation of biographical works, the culture of biographical publications, the study of personalities of figures of history and culture, biobibliography, development of resources of biographical information, dissemination of biographical knowledge in society.

Targets and goals

The target and goal of the collection, which is the main specialized scientific-theoretical and methodological publication in Ukraine in the sphere of biography, biobibliography, the formation of resources of biographical information, is the publication of articles and methodological materials on urgent problems of the development of biographical research, the results of the latest developments in domestic and foreign specialists who contribute to the improvement the level of biographical research, enrich their creative tools. The collection publishes works of a high scientific and theoretical level, characterized by the novelty of the presentation and solution of research problems. «Ukrainian Biographistics» aims to unite the professional scientific community, promotes the formation of a unified research space. It is an open publication that invites both domestic and foreign scientists and specialists for cooperation. The high quality of the scientific collection ensures the professional composition of the authors and the exactingness of the editorial board and reviewers to the studios proposed for publication. The collection is an informational sphere for conducting professional discussions on the problems of biography and related sciences.

Main sections

  • Theory and methodology of modern biography
  • Actual issues of biography study
  • History and culture through the prism of biographical study
  • Sources of biographical research
  • Biographical studies
  • Resources of biographical and bibliographical data
  • Reviews, information


Ukrainian, English, Polish


Up to two times per year

Target audience

The Collection of scientific works is aimed for scientists working in the field of biography, biobibliography, social communications, the development of electronic resources of biographical information, as well as a wide range of researchers interested in national history and culture.

Registration at The National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine

Media identifier in the Register of Subjects in the Field of Media - registrants: R30-01099. The Decision #616 dated 27.07.2023.

Registration in the State Attestation Commission of Ukraine

By Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 09.24.2020 №1188, the Collection is included in the Register of Scientific Professional Publications of Ukraine as a category "B" publication in the field of historical sciences and social communications in specialties 029 - Information, library and archival affairs and 032 - History and archeology.


2022 – one issue of the Collection, the 23rd, in which 15 scientific and 5 non-scientific articles published.

2021 – two issues of the Collection: in the 22nd – 17 scientific and 2 non-scientific articles; in the 21st – 18 scientific and 5 non-scientific articles.

2020 – two issues of the Collection: in the 20th – 20 scientific and 3 non-scientific articles; in the 19th– 14 scientific and 6 non-scientific articles.

Editorial policy
- objectivity and impartiality;
- high requirements to the quality of scientific researches;
- strict observance of copyright;
- policy of articles reviewing.

Manuscript processing terms

After receipt of the article to the editorial office, during two weeks an assessment is made regarding the compliance of the given manuscript with the formal requirements for publication (text volume, availability of annotations, References, etc.). If the procedure completes successfully, the article is submitted for consideration to the editorial board. The decision of the editorial board is accepted during 6–8 weeks. If an article receives an approval, the manuscript is transmitted to preprint processing. The total time of manuscript processing term is 5–7 months.


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