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«Ukrainian Biographistics = Biographistica Ukrainica»: Collection of scientific works of Institute of Biographical Researches

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Founder & publisher

The Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine

Subject areas

  • Presentation of problems in biographical science (history, theory, methodology), biographical study, biobibliography, formation of biographic information resources
  • Research of role and place of biographic knowledge in life of modern Ukrainian society and libraries as integrators and distributors of biographic information

Main sections

  • Theoretical and methodological problems of biographic researches
  • Biographical and genealogical researches
  • History and culture through the prism of biographical study
  • Resources and sources of biographical data
  • The history of biographical research in Ukraine
  • Bibliography, reviews, information


Ukrainian, English, Polish


Up to two times per year

Target audience

The Collection is aimed at researchers, pedagogues of higher education institutions and students, employees of libraries, museums and archives, regional ethnographers.

Registration at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

Certificate of state registration of printed mass media: Series KV № 15825-4297Р dated October 12, 2009

Registration in the State Attestation Commission of Ukraine

By Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 09.24.2020 №1188, the Collection is included in the Register of Scientific Professional Publications of Ukraine as a category "B" publication in the field of historical sciences and social communications in specialties 029 - Information, library and archival affairs and 032 - History and archeology.


In 2019 two issues of the Collection were published. They contain: in 18th – 19 scientific and 5 review articles; in the 17th – 13 scientific and 6 review articles. The issue 16, which was published in 2018, contained 17 scientific and 7 review articles. The issue 15, which was published in 2017, contained 18 scientific and 3 review articles.

Editorial policy
- objectivity and impartiality;
- high requirements to the quality of scientific researches;
- strict observance of copyright;
- policy of external reviewing

Manuscript processing terms

After receipt of the article to the editorial office, during a week an assessment is made regarding the compliance of the given manuscript with the formal requirements for publication (text volume, number of data sources etc.). If the procedure completes successfully, the article is submitted for consideration to the editorial board. The decision of the editorial board is accepted during 6–8 weeks. If an article receives an approval, the manuscript is transmitted to preprint processing.

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The edition archives digital versions of articles in the “Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine” national depository by Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine.

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