National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The Collection of scientific works «Ukrainian Biographistics = Biographistica Ukrainica» was established by the Institute of Biographical Researches of The Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine in 1996.

By Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 09.24.2020 №1188, the Collection is included in the Register of Scientific Professional Publications of Ukraine as a category "B" publication in the field of historical sciences and social communications in specialties 029 - Information, library and archival affairs and 032 - History and archeology.

Articles are published in Ukrainian, English and Polish languages up to two times per year. Nineteenth editions have been issued to date, currently the twentieth edition is being prepared for publication.

The Collection of scientific works is devoted to theoretical and methodological principles of native biographical science as a special historical discipline, problems, tendecies and perspectives for the development of national and world biographical study and biobibliography.

The Collection of scientific papers is devoted to the study of history and theory of Ukrainian biography, terminology of biographical studies, it also examines modern models of biographical reconstructions, forms and genres of historical and biographical discourse, thematic data of poorly or insufficiently studied personalities of the Ukrainian history, science and culture, scientific researches, biographies of non-ordinary persons.

One of the priority tasks is the study of methodological bases and the summary of practical experience in the creation of electronic biobibliographic resources, including supplies of the implementation of the project of the Institute of Biographical Researches of The Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine on the formation of the comprehensive electronic, informational scientific resource – "Ukrainian National Biographical Archive”.

The problem-thematic range of researches included in the edition is presented in the traditional sections: "Theoretical and methodological problems of biographic researches", "Biographical and genealogical researches", "History and culture through the prism of biographical study", "Sources of biographical data", "Autobiographies and memoirs", "From the experience of biographical science", "Bibliography, reviews, information".

Among the authors of the Collection are the following scholars: L. D. Berezivska O. V. Bugaeva, L. I. Buryak, Y. V. Vernik, L. S. Generaliuk, I. B. Hyrych, S. G. Ivanytska, T. I. Kivshar, N. I. Lyubovets, S. M. Lyashko, N. P. Marchenko, S. M. Mischuk, V. V. Patyk, V. T. Petrykova, V. I. Popyk, I. I. Stambol, V. V. Tomazov, G. M. Juhymets, O. M. Yatsenko and others.

The Collection is oriented at researchers who study the issues of biographical study and biographical science, pedagogues of higher education institutions and students, library staff, museums and archives, regional ethnographers.