Review Form

All articles submitted to the editorial board of the scientific collection "Ukrainian Biographistics = Biographistica Ukrainica" are reviewed, except for the informational reviews and messages. The task of the review is to facilitate an unbiased selection of author's manuscripts for publication and provide specific recommendations to correct deficiencies, factual or other errors, if any, improve the style of presentation, etc. The review procedure presupposes a comprehensive analysis of the author's material and is focused on the most objective assessment of the theoretical and methodological level and content of a scientific article, determining its compliance with the requirements for academic publications.

All scientific articles submitted to the editorial office of "Ukrainian Biographistics" undergo an editorial and double-blind peer review procedure (neither the author nor the reviewer knows each other).

It is carried out in the following way:

1. Upon receipt of an article in the editorial office within two weeks, a preliminary assessment is made of the compliance of the manuscript with the scientific profile of the collection, the rules established by the editorial board for the preparation of articles for publication, namely - the formal requirements of the collection (the volume of the text, the presence of summaries, the correctness of design, etc.), the text is analyzed for signs of plagiarism. In the letter of reply, the Editorial Board informs the author/authors of the receipt of the text and its referral to a double-blind peer review.

2. Reviewers are appointed by the chief editor of the collection or their deputy. An additional review can be appointed by the decision of the editor-in-chief after the initial review is received.

3. The reviewer may not be the author (co-author) of the reviewed article, he should not have recent joint publications with any of the authors.

4. Reviewers are informed that the manuscripts sent to them are the intellectual property of the authors, and, as such, the information that should not be disclosed. Reviewers are not allowed to copy articles submitted for review or use their content before publication.

5. The manuscript is submitted for review to specialized professionals who have proven themselves to be good at academic decency. A "Reviewer's form" is sent along with the manuscript. Reviewers evaluate the theoretical and methodological level of articles, their practical value and scientific novelty, determine whether an article meets the principles of ethics in scientific publications, and look into the scientific approach. On the basis of the review, one of the following decisions is made: the article has been accepted for printing; it is recommended that the article be revised or edited; the author is denied publication of the article.

6. The time for a double-blind peer review is set individually, taking into account the volume and subject matter of the text submitted. The reviewer's feedback is free from pressure and influence of the editorial office.

7. Reviews of manuscripts of scientific articles, signed by the reviewer by hand or with a digital electronic signature, are kept in the editorial office for at least 3 years. To expedite the review procedure, it is possible to submit an electronic review from the mailing address of the reviewer.

8. The chief editor and members of the editorial board have the right to add their own comments to the reviewers' evaluations.

9. The results of the editorial and double-blind peer review are reported to the author/authors. It may not take longer than two weeks for the author/authors to finalize the manuscript from the moment they inform him/her of the need to make changes. If the author/authors categorically disagree with the comments and recommendations made, the article shall be rejected. The editors do not discuss the contents of the manuscript with the author and do not explain the findings of reviewers.

10. The final decision on publication is made by the editorial board of "Ukrainian Biographistics".

11. After the publication of the collection, the Editorial Board sends each author messages about the placement of the issue on the website with an e-mail address for review of the full content of the publication.